Adult Sunday School  Bus Ministry   
Children's Program  

Adult Sunday School

Each Sunday morning at 10:00, we have an in-depth  Bible study for adults of all ages to learn more about God's Word

and how to apply it

to daily living.


Bus Ministry

Our church buses provide transportation to all those who would like to attend church services.  This is one way for

our church to extend the love

of God to our community. 


Children's Program

For children there are exciting Sunday School classes, children's worship services,

Wednesday night King's Kids services and a Children's Choir all led by loving workers.

Seagate Choir  
Seagate Christian Schools  Nursery  

Church Choir

Music unites our hearts in worship to the Lord.  Our

church has an old-fashioned choir where Christians use their talents for the Lord through singing psalms, hymns

and spiritual songs.


Seagate Christian Schools

Founded in 1976,  our school exists to give the young people of our church and community Bible-based education while teaching them to develop the mind of Christ.  We are training tomorrow's generation today.



Parents enjoy having a beautiful and loving environment in which to place their babies.  Our dedicated nursery workers provide excellent care so parents are able to enjoy the preaching of God's Word.  

 Special Music  Seagate Orchestra  Soul winning  

Special Music

Music prepares the heart to hear from God.  We enjoy beautiful music from soloists and groups that lift our hearts to Heaven.



There is a place of service for all those who play instruments to use their talents for the Lord in our church orchestra.


Soul Winning & Visitation

Each week we reach out to our community and seek to introduce them to the Lord

and to our church family.

 Ladies Fellowship  Youth Ministry Spanish Department   

Ladies Fellowship

God uses women greatly to accomplish the work of the Lord.  Our ladies have a monthly time for fellowship and Bible study.  They memorize Scripture, exchange prayer partners, and visit shut-ins.


Truth for Teens

We believe that youth are the future of our church, so we invest greatly into the lives of our teens.  Each meeting they are given relevant truths to make right choices in the every day decisions they face.

Spanish Department

Our church has been blessed with many Spanish-speaking families.  We are happy to have a special Sunday School class

to teach God's Word to all Spanish-speaking people.

Dios te ama y nosotros también!